Teknologiasivusto M3 on vaikuttunut Attosta

Teknologiasivusto M3 on vaikuttunut Attosta

Ruotsalainen teknologiayhtiö M3 arvioi MiniFinder Attoa ja antoi innovatiiviselle eläinten paikannuspalvelulle hyvän arvosanan. Lisäksi arvioija on vaikuttunut Atton huolellisesta paikannuksesta ja älykkäistä ominaisuuksista, jotka on mukautettu nelijalkaisille ystävillemme.

Tech site M3 has tested MiniFinder Atto GPS tracker for animals. M3 states several advantages of the GPS tracker and gives our tracking device and service a high score.

“If it's specifically a GPS tracker for an animal you are looking for, you should check out the MiniFinder Atto. The tracking is impressively accurate and the call function is a plus.”

In its detailed review, M3 highlights several smart features such as the geofence function, speed alarms and the GPS tracker's accurate positioning. They also describe how useful the GPS tracker can be for hunting.

“What makes MiniFinder's GPS tracker extra useful, especially for you with a dog, is that you can call the device, either to listen to dog’s barks, or to give comments to the dog through the built - in small speaker. These can be extremely useful features during hunting or if the dog has disappeared.”

Read the full review of MiniFinder Atto GPS tracker for animals.

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