"MiniFinder's products have developed our business"

"MiniFinder's products have developed our business"

The year was 2015 when Paul Sjöblom, Assistive Technology Consultant at Hjälpmedelscentrum Östra Skåne, started thinking about mobile security alarms.

– I was working in the LSS business at the time. We received a couple of cases where we saw a need to be able to find people who had disappeared from their home or who had difficulty finding their way around. I spoke to Hjälpmedelscentrum here in Kristianstad, Sweden, which did not handle GPS’s at the time, says Paul Sjöblom.

Paul turned to higher authorities to raise the issue and talk about the need he had identified.

– At least it was worth trying. I was given the opportunity to prescribe GPS in project form, what I chose to prescribe was MiniFinder's Pico. The project turned out well and a while later a political decision was made that GPS would be a prescription aid through Hjälpmedelscentrum Östra Skåne.

Paul Sjöblom.

Hjälpmedelscentrum Östra Skåne is today a collaboration between 11 municipalities. Bromölla, Hässleholm, Hörby, Kristianstad, Osby, Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Skurup, Tomelilla, Ystad and Östra Göinge.

Sebaztian Färm works as a technician at Hjälpmedelscentrum:

– We started to look at what was on the market. At the time, there wasn't much that was pointed specifically towards E-health. That's when we found MiniFinder, says Sebaztian.

MiniFinder Pico is a worldwide safety alarm in mini format.

MiniFinder's GPS alarm gives care recipients the opportunity to live a safe life in their own home, and based on their own conditions.

– It was the politicians' ambition, and thus also ours, when we chose MiniFinder's mobile security alarm. That the care recipient would be able to stay at home as long as possible, as well as being able to continue doing what they like and feel good about in a safe way, says Paul.

The mobile services can also be used to optimize work in healthcare. 

– MiniFinder's products have developed our business. It is a form of welfare technology where GPS has enabled us to take another step in the development of the business, says Paul.

– Our customers, the municipalities, are satisfied with what you deliver, says Sebaztian.

What are the main advantages of MiniFinder's mobile security solutions?

– It's fast and direct, I don't think you really understand how much value there is in it being so easy to use, for example the tracking system, there's no doubt at all. I am super satisfied with your solution, says Paul Sjöblom.

Hjälpmedelscentrum Östra Skåne.

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