Safety on outdoor horse riding

Safety on outdoor horse riding

Do you feel unsafe when riding outdoors on your own or are you worried when someone close to you rides outdoors on their own? You are not alone! The truth is that outdoor riding involves great risks for both rider and horse, especially if you ride by yourself. A horse can suddenly get scared and the rider can get injured, without the possibility to call for help. 

Riding outdoors in the forest contributes to a varied everyday life for both horse and rider. There are great advantages and opportunities in riding in the forest as often as possible, but as always it is important to think extra about safety during the outdoor riding. Besides having the right equipment when it comes to a helmet and safety vest, there are many other things to do to increase safety. 

How can you increase safety during outdoor horse riding?

One way to be significantly safer on outdoor horse riding is to purchase a personal safety alarm with a panic button. The MiniFinder Nano can be worn comfortably around the wrist and has a clear panic button for emergencies. This button can be connected to selected people's mobile numbers, who immediately receives an alarm if something has happened together with an exact GPS position. This means that should the rider get injured during an outdoor ride, the rider can just use the panic button to call for help.

In addition, the personal safety alarm contains real-time positioning and a built-in fall alarm that alerts selected phone numbers in the event of a sudden fall, if the rider is not able to press the alarm on their own. This means a lot in case of an accident during outdoor riding and allows the right people to be alerted to the right place as quickly as possible. A personal safety alarm for riders can therefore be extremely reassuring for everyone involved. 

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