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MiniFinder Fleet Management

With the tracking system MiniFinder GO, you can easily track your devices in real time from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. You can create reports, check the history of your units movement, speed, travel distance and much more. MiniFinder GO also has a clever feature that allows you to share a unique link with your partners. Via the unique link, you can follow the trip on the map in real time without accessing to the system as long as the link applies.


After the purchase of the map service MiniFinder GO, we configure your device, create login credentials and send them to you along with a quick start guide. Unlike tracking on demand (tracking via dial or SMS), you don't need to actively track your units. All you need to do is to log in to the MiniFinder GO map and see where your GPS tracker is located. If it is in motion, a tracking will be plotted on the map. In a word, it is convenient and practical.

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