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Overspeed Alarm

Set a speed limit to get information if one or more of your vehicles exceed the speed limit. You can also print out statistics and statements.

Anti-sabotage Alarm

The unit can be set to send an alarm if an unauthorised person tries to remove it. The alarm is sent in the form of a push notification to a phone or via e-mail.

Trip Log

With Zepto GPS tracker, you get a fully automated digital driver’s log that is approved by the tax office.

Live Tracking

Get your vehicle's position in real time on the map. The unit supports all GSM network in the world.


View vehicle's history on the map based on date and time.

GeoFence Alarm

Define a safe zone in the APP and you are ready to receive an alarm when Zepto leaves the GeoFence.



Obd power adapter

OBD Power Adapter

The adapter makes it easy to connect your MiniFinder Zepto to 9V-36V battery.

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MiniFinder - OBD Flat Cable

OBD Extension Cord

Practical OBD extension cord for easier mounting on the eg dashboard for your OBD GPS Tracker.

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MiniFinder Fleet Management

MiniFinder® GO

MiniFinder GO is the software that takes care of all incoming sensors and data from MiniFinder® products, which are then presented in a clear way in the form of a map. The platform consists of three different systems: alarm system, report system and real-time tracking system. The system also supports external calls and integration with third-party systems through APIs.

Download the APP

The app is available for download to Android and iOS (Apple) mobile phones and tablets:

MiniFinder Tracktor iOS App MiniFinder Tracktor Android App

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